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bt wyn corner corner corner corner More Mead.

More Mead will be at The  Wytches Markets!

Bringing together like-minded artists, craftspeople & purveyors of magical goods...

2020 1

Our next Wytches' Market:

Visit the Wytches' Markets to discover unique & magical treasures.

Shop for enchanting gifts for wonderful friends and fascinating treats for yourself.


We would like to reassure everyone that we fully intend to

hold all the Wytches Markets this year as advertised.

In the past we have supported the following charities:


With regret, due to the escalating restrictions which we are being imposed to combat the corona virus, we find we have no choice but to cancel the April Wytches' Market after all. We have also spoken to Glastonbury residents and shopkeepers, and we feel that there would in any case not be enough visitors coming in to Glastonbury to make it worth while for traders to attend.


People who have already paid in for this market can have their payments carried over to the July market, by which time we hope the situation will have eased. Please bear with us while we sort this out.